My name is David Truog and I live in Brookline, Massachusetts (part of metro Boston) near Coolidge Corner with my wife and our two children. 

I work across the river in Cambridge at Forrester Research. I've also worked at software companies and in video direction/production, running my own small agency for eight years. I still code and film for fun but these days I do a lot more photography.

I like the contrast between these two shots of (not by) me, just months apart.

A passport control kiosk shot the first one as I was entering the US after a trip. I liked the flat expression and printing method: they reminded me of Chuck Close's paintings (see magnified detail), so I took this snapshot of the print-out while in line. The CBP kiosks print mirror images, so this feels familiar to me but probably feels subtly odd to people who see me directly, not via a mirror. 


The second one's quite different: a corporate headshot (for my bio) about which the photographer commented that my expression in it is very "on-brand" for the company.

I'm interested in how different situations bring out different sides of us — different personas we inhabit at different times.


The image on my cover page is a photo I took of a wall on a side street in Rome near Piazza delle Coppelle in September 2012.

I've started tagging some of my travel photos by destination. So far: CaliforniaDenmark; England; FranceIceland; Key West; Montana; UtahVermont.